Be better, together.

Practicing yoga together can be a wonderful way to bond and support each other’s well-being. Whether you’re beginners or experienced practitioners, practicing yoga together can create a positive and harmonious atmosphere.

Services to fit your group's needs

Do you need a one time class, a recurring reprieve, a workshop, or a training on stretching in the workplace?


Your employees deserve a wellness break! What better way to give them one then with a little yoga and meditation. Our group sessions are perfect for a before, during, or after work release stress and tension. Both yoga/mediation and meditation only sessions are available. Ask about our group coaching sessions!


Discover how yoga, meditation and mindfulness can help bring the best out of your team!
Our workshops are educational and interactive and are based on themes ranging from How to Flow into Your Work/ Life Balance to more personal sessions like Tapping into Your Energy/ Inner- G. Each session not only emphasizes the elements of the practice but help support overall productivity.

Corporate Yoga Challenge

Do you want to promote the idea of health and fitness amongst your entire team or organization? Get it jumpstarted with our yoga challenge! Our challenges align with the needs and preferences of the employer/employee and help encourage physical, emotional and mental wellness.

Be a better you, find your better today.

Learn about our AfroFit Fam, our story and about your Yogini, Shawness

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Why Do Yoga?

Yoga benefits body and mind, improving flexibility, strength, balance, reducing stress/anxiety, promoting calm and peace. Yoga can also help improve sleep and digestion for better health and well-being. With various styles/classes available, yoga suits all regardless of age, fitness or ability – a valuable tool to reach goals.

Your employees want more!

Yoga offers a wide range of physical, mental, and emotional benefits that make it suitable for various individuals. After your corporate challenge feel free to sign up for private sessions!

ABOUT Shawnell

Meet your Yogini

Shawnell encourages individuals to embrace their personal growth and self-improvement through the practice of yoga. Shawnell’s passion for creating a supportive and inclusive community is evident in the way she fosters an environment where everyone feels empowered to embark on their own journey of self-discovery.